We have designed our practice with the latest technology in mind. From healing oriented décor to medical equipment, no detail has been overlooked.
You will notice from the moment you walk into our waiting room that our facility has been designed with the patient comfort as the main focus. In our office you will always be in contact with someone that can assist you. No more ringing bells or long waits before someone shows up through the small tinted glass window.

The overall décor of the space has also been planned with you, the patient, in mind. A cozy, healing atmosphere where a sense of belonging and wellbeing is infused into the person has been the goal of the project.
The work flow has also been carefully designed in order to maximize your valuable time. We provide almost every outpatient cardiovascular test available in our office so no time consuming commutes are necessary to complete your evaluation.

In terms of training and equipment every effort has been made to provide you with the latest advances in our specialty. Our Cardiologists have trained extensively in all major fields of modern Cardiology. They are certified by the most rigorous board exams in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. Aditionally Dr.Galtes specializes in lower extremities venous problems organized under the Homestead Vein Center.

Despite the significant added cost we have elected to invest on the latest generation diagnostic equipment available. We believe that the strength of our decisions are dependent on the quality of the information we obtain. Your tests will be performed on equipment that in many cases are not available even in a hospital setting.

We have absolute confidence you will find our facility as appealing, different and inviting and that your experience will be pleasant and smooth.


At the Cardiovascular Wellness Center we strongly believe that each patient is unique.We are fully committed to developing a close relationship with our patients as a basis for personalized care...

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Our doctors specialized in cardiovascular diseases and offer a wide range of services in this specialty from Clinical Cardiology , Interventional Cardiology to Vein Disease treatment. To know more about each of them, their personal and academic background as well as area of interest use the link below.

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Contact us with any questions at:
Krome Centre - 950 N. Krome Avenue, Suite 202, Homestead, Florida 33030